Death Certificates

Once we meet with a family after a death occurs, we are able to initiate the death certificate. The family typically receives the certified copies in about 2 weeks. However, some things are not in our control, for example, the doctor signing the certificate. It is important to know the steps involved to fully understand why sometimes this process takes longer. Waiting for the doctor to certify the cause of death is most of the time, the big "hold-up"... If an autopsy was performed, many times it is necessary to wait for results or gather more information from medical records, and the medical examiner will do the certification. If an inquest was performed by a Justice of the Peace, they will be the one to sign the death certificate. Once the family has approved the basic information, and the doctor certifies their portion, we finalize the certificate and order the first batch from Austin. They will mail them directly to the funeral home within a week, and we will in turn, send to the family. Additional copies may be obtained by authorized family members in the county which the death occured... In this area, the typical fee is $21 for the first copy and $4 for each additional. We realize that death certificates are needed to conduct business transactions, and we make it our top priority to get them to you as fast as possible.