Facts About Our Crematory

*We are located in Van, Texas, which is right outside of Smith County, about 25 miles from Tyler. You can easily get to us from Tyler by way of the Van Highway (Hwy 110), Interstate 20, or Hwy 64. There is actually no crematory located in Tyler, contrary to misleading advertisements. *Our Funeral Home has been in business since 1896 (and we have never considered selling out.) *Every funeral home offers cremation options, however, very few actually own/operate, or even visit the actual crematory themselves. We were one of the first in the area to open a crematory, in 1990. We have serviced almost every single funeral home in the area at some point and time as their actual crematory. *We have held our price for 20 years, and have actually discounted this amount during some periods! *We are easy to work with in order to help you find a way to hold your own memorial service, and are up-front and honest about the extra expenses of hiring a funeral home for these purposes. Our register package with custom programs is incomparable in quality and price, and we can make custom memorial videos for any type of service. *We are informative and supportive of holding any type of service requested and have the reputation for being helpful and extremely resourceful as far as that goes. *We are not a bunch of starchy funeral directors, some days you might even find us wearing our blue jeans to the office. We are comfortable being a little less formal! *When we say we are a family operation, we are actually one of the few true full-family funeral homes left. None of us have ever worked for another organization, or actually held any other type of job. Our funeral home is where we were raised and a big part of our life. We are raising the sixth generation the same way so that they can continue in our footsteps. *We do not get stuck in our own way of doing things and have learned to adapt to the changing times, even when sometimes we are the only ones willing to make these changes. We are very open-minded and always try to move toward the future. *We encourage you to interview your funeral home, ask questions, and make them earn your trust. Don't take our word, or anyone else, find out for yourself who makes the best fit for your family!