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What Sets Us Apart...

Our family funeral home started back in 1896, and today the third, fourth and fifth generations work together at our location in Van. Family means a lot to us and having an all-family staff gives us an advantage in many ways. We feel like the days of the traditional funeral service is changing and we nurture the fact that each family has different needs. We pride ourselves on our creativity and flexibility to meet each and every request and desire. By owning the crematory, we are able to provide cremation service under our own direct supervision. Our knowledge and experience with the cremation process, procedures and current laws is far beyond anyone you will meet within the funeral business.

We want people to know that our business is our life, not just our livelihood. Our dedication to helping others goes far beyond the doors of the funeral home and our compassion for others stems deeper than words could describe... We value the friendships we make in our mission to help families through such a difficult time, and we consider it an honor to be able to lend a hand to those who ask for our help.


Hilliard Funeral Home

386 North Maple
Van, TX 75790
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